UMD Real Estate Club

building the foundation for your financial independence

The University of Maryland Real Estate Club teaches members how to invest in real estate through real world case studies and hands on investment simulations

The club offers Maryland Undergraduate students the opportunity to learn how to become investors in the largest asset class in the world. Due paying members have access to valuation models, discussion based lectures, and professional networking sessions

The semester is structured to teach members the process, from start to finish, of acquiring an investment property. Along with educational meetings, the club hosts a professional networking night, a Real Estate Mogul Speaker, and an investment case competition that is the culmination of members' learning from the year

Members looking for a more direct application of their knowledge can apply to REC's REIT Group, a highly selective program that writes and publishes research reports on Equity and Mortgage REITs with BUY/SELL/HOLD rating

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Below are attached past presentation from the semester

Our Team

Conor Moore President

Jonathan Galitzer Vice President